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Genital Warts Removal in NewYork NYC | Lifetime Guarantee

Dr. Justice E. Obi Rph is recognized as one of the foremost specialists in the field of HPV infections and genital warts removal in New York NYC. Dr. Obi has contributed to the study and lectured at various medical schools as an HPV specialist this year. He has served on national HPV and HPV prevention panels. His extensive research has helped him to stay on top of the most recent HPV treatment protocols while also educating those in the field. As many dermatologists consider HPV to be a significant area of research, Dr. Obi has clearly distinguished himself from the pack, establishing himself as the leading HPV treatment specialist in New York City today. His private practice office is located at 295 Ralph Avenue, Brooklyn, New York 11423.


Genital warts are a sexually transmitted infection that requires a professional to diagnose. Many patients are unaware that they have these growths for months or even years. When they notice several lesions, they become concerned and seek medical help, believing they are dealing with an ongoing and spreading disease. Genital warts can easily be confused for a variety of lesions on the male or female genitalia. I’ve seen several patients in the past who were treated for genital warts and developed extensive scarring as a result of multiple therapies, only to discover that they didn’t have HPV warts, to begin with. When a patient is diagnosed with HPV warts, he or she will make the diagnosis from one doctor to the next, and they will all follow the same treatment plan until an experienced physician reviews the patient and changes the diagnosis and treatment plan. Not all genital growths caused by HPV are genital warts.

Choosing the Right Physician

Dr. Obi has the experience, education, and up-to-date knowledge in the field to diagnoses and treats genital warts. He is a well-known specialist for successfully treating and removing warts, and he has a wealth of expertise and a proven track record of success.

  • Confident and experienced in removing warts
  • 99% success rate
  • No treated warts will grow back

Genital Warts Cures

Sexually transmitted diseases like genital warts are stubborn. They don’t go away as quickly as other skin disorders. We have handled thousands of patients in the past, with a high success rate and outstanding results. It necessitates clinical expertise and practice. We remove them one by one from your body. The Obinaquine Application Gel will help you get rid of genital warts in just two weeks.

Genital Warts Removal in New York

Each wart must be investigated and its characteristics assessed individually. Our treatment method varies from person to person, depending on the place, size, and the number of warts, but our ultimate aim for genital warts treatment is a single treatment for each wart. We make a detailed map of the skin and assess it. I use a microscope to examine the area to ensure that all warts have been removed. My main goal is to treat genital warts with no relapses at the treatment site on the same wart. Treatment tools are just as effective as the treating physician’s talent and abilities.

Scheduling Appointments for Genital Warts Removal in New York

If you have any questions, to schedule a consultation, please contact us or call (347) 393-5648. You will get an affordable, highest-quality genital warts cure. We offer weekday, weekend, and evening office hours. Dr. Justice E. Obi Rph is a board-certified specialist, who specializes in all aspects of care for genital warts.

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